Packing Tips


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If you are planning to move from your current location in Singapore to a new place, you might be stressed wondering how to pack all your items. In the entire moving process, packing is one of the most important activities because it determines a lot if you will have a smooth process or not. Packing can be a daunting task especially you have a lot of belongings that you have to carry to your new place. You can decide to hire packers and movers Singapore to help you in the process. However, if you can also do the packing by yourself and still do a good job. This article offers you some great packing tips Singapore.

Start packing earlier

One of the best ways to ensure that you pack your belongs in an effective and safe way is to start the process earlier. A few

Family unpacking boxes with new furniture

weeks before your moving date, you can decide to be packing two to three boxes each day. You need to begin with items you do not use in your daily life. By pacing yourself, you get more organized and the job will not overwhelm you. This will also ensure you avoid last minute rush that might lead to great mistakes while packing.

Pack room by room

When packing, you should concentrate on one section of the room at a time and you should never mix belongings from different rooms in one packing box. This helps reduce confusion and ensure that similar items are packed together to make the unpacking and organizing process easier when you arrive at your new location. To prevent small items from getting lost or thrown out mistakenly, pack them in a brightly colored paper.

Label the boxes clearly

To ensure that you make the identification easier, you should put clear labels on the top and side of each box. All you need to do is to write simple description of the contents and the room number or name. To provide clarity for your and your home movers Singapore use different markers for each room. If possible use white packing paper to wrap all your belongings.

Use boxes designed specifically for moving

There are boxes designed for moving you can buy from different stores in Singapore. It is advisable to use these boxes because they are safer and have the ability to hold the weight of your items.

Do not box up all your items

There are certain items that you should not put in the boxes. For instance, you should personally carry vital papers, moving permits, legal documents and other valuables.

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