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If moving to a new house office that is still undergoing renovation then storage services are very essential. Whether you are unable to move your belongings to the new relocation or running out of the space, then it is good and very efficient to choose a reliable storage service provider and put your goods to storage for any length of time.

Types of storage services and methods available

Temperature and climate control unit

Portable units

Automobile units

Drive up storage

Before making a decision of choosing a storage service, you need to consider the following factors:

The amount of space that is neededYoung Indonesian man in a suit with a bar code scanner in a Asian warehouse of forwarding or logistics company

Before you rent a storage service, you have to ascertain the actual amount of space that your goods will require. Most of the storage providers and packers have storage spaces that range in size and charge on monthly basis. Therefore if looking for an affordable storage service provider, determine the space that you need this will prevent you from overpaying.

Type of storage

The kind of storage is dependent upon the type of goods that you own. Always have in that goods once destroyed cannot be replaced. Fragile goods require special storage facilities and so do your essential documents need a damp-proof environment. Therefore make a list of all your belongings and always keep it ready when you make a call to the companies to ensure they will provide storage space for all your items.

Insurance of your valuables

Check whether the company offering storage services provide insurance cover to your goods. If not make sure that the company you choose is fully insured. By so doing you can rest assured that your valuables will be compensated fully in case the inevitable happens.

Security of the goods

One of the main questions you should ask the service provides is about the security of your goods. The company you pick should have the top notch security put in place. Ensure your goods are protected by the best alarm and CCTV systems and the area is guarded by the best security.

Relocation service

Don’t forget to check whether the service provider also offers you quality removal services. Find out if they are fully equipped with all the material used in packing that is required while moving your goods to a new location. The provider of the storage service should also be familiar to the area you want your valuables to be relocated.

Once your commodities are safely stored, you will have peace of mind. This will protect you from any kind of loss or damage like theft and some other calamities.

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